Crafty Mums – the Essentials!

As a Mum that is known for being crafty and will try her hand at almost everything, I’ve decided to share the secrets of not only some of the most popular makes out there, but what a Mum like me keeps in her cupboards!

First of all, I should note that my system isn’t quite as organised as those who know me would expect. I’m currently trying to find the perfect pop up storage system to place inside my dedicated cupboard. Ikea is high on the list, I’m trying to put together one of their ‘built in wardrobe’ systems to work with my dimensions – if anyone has any other recommendations please let me know!

Okay so here’s a general look at the cupboard, and my upstairs storage;



The wool storage is pretty self explanatory, I obsessively buy, and I enjoy adding colours to it.. The more variety the better! Storing in colour order is definitely my thing, and it helps to have them accessible and not just all thrown in a bag, especially when you suffer ocd! I stick to the likes of Robin and Stylecraft for brands and use DK (double knit)

Art Essentials:

– PVA glue
– Pritt stick
– Feathers
– Pom pom balls
– Bottle tops and can rings
– Stickers (especially stars!)
– Pipe cleaners
– Toilet and kitchen rolls
– Felt
– Mini wooden pegs
– Felt pens (crayola)
– Fabric pens (berol)
– Chalk
– Crayons
– Coloured card
– Glitter
– Beads
– Jute rope
– Ribbon (10mm grosgrain and organza are personal favourites)
– Embroidery skeins
– Needle and thread, or in my case, an entire two drawers of them! (I use gütermann mostly)
– Basic primary coloured paint
– White spirit (that’s for me, as I use oil paints!)
– Acrylic paints
– Paintbrushes
– Pencils
– Sharpies
– Cardboard boxes
– Paper, regular and tissue!
– Buttons
– Playdoh
– Masking and sellotape
– Scissors
– Stamp set and ink
– Rags, aprons, old shirts etc

Obviously, this is all personal preference and what I choose to buy, and of course two years worth of collecting and purchasing. I find you can get a lot of great deals buying in bulk through eBay, but don’t forget the fabulous brands and stores that provide us with instant access to craft bits and bobs!

I owe credit to;
The Factory Shop, Hobbycraft, Wilkinson, In2Crafting (Wickford), Lipleys (Wickford), Pastels 2 Paint (Wickford), Aldi, ELC.

Sometimes we see people make things, we wonder what they use and where they source such cute and different materials – this is what I’m here for! If there’s anything you think I may be missing, any essentials you use that you would like to share – please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via my Facebook page (here), also if you want to know where to get something from, I can track most items down!




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