Santa Christmas Plates (& more!)

This a very self explanatory post, you can find all different designs in Google images.. But I’m here to provide you with all of the info on what you need to make your very own Santa plates!


Now, these are usually priced at about £10. Personally I go for about £8.50, which I think is a fair cost considering the initial outlay of all materials, electricity when baking and of course the time spent doing it – but of course I do this blog to encourage you all to DIY, to save people money and spread a bit of creativity!

What you will need:

– Plate – 75p Wilkos
– Sharpies – prices vary, I bought a massive box from Whsmiths, which cost about £15 (I would urge you to stick to the brand, not the cheaper versions, as the colours stick better in the baking process!)

Baking instructions:

Place in the oven (anywhere will do!) at gas mark 1, or 110f for 30 minutes and then leave to cool.

It’s that simple!

Please note! This process does not allow for washing, plates and left over Santa-crumbs must be rinsed off with lukewarm/cold water and left to air dry. They are decorative, and not for eating off of.

Finishing touches for gifting.

Are you giving this plate as a gift to your children? Or for family and friends?


– 50 yards of 15mm red organza ribbon, for £1.85 from eBay user: buffaloboy458
– Small brown luggage tags 10 for £1.00 from In2Crafting (9 Ladygate Centre, Wickford Essex, SS12 9AJ)
– Rubber stamp set £2.04 from eBay user: martyn110
– Black inkpad ‘Memento’ from In2Crafting again.

Why stick to just Christmas Plates? See some of my other ideas below:




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