Footprint christmas cards.



– Coloured card (I purchase mine from eBay seller ‘craftycello’ and they come with envelopes – get the size depending on your child’s foot, my son was an infant size 7 and the card is A6)
– Googley eyes (Hobbycraft)
– Glitter glue (99p store)
– Tesco loves Baby sponge
DECENT acrylic paint (cheap paint wont be as solid in print) – the colours I have used are burnt sienna, emerald green, titanium white, ivory black, cadmium red hue and cadmium orange hue.

I think the steps themselves are pretty self explanatory – it’s the skill of getting a baby or toddler to tolerate printing several (in my case, 60) footprints.
TIP: wait until they nap! It is so much easier than trying to contend with paint and a wriggler.
Use the sponge to apply the paint to their feet, you’ll get a more even spread and a better end result.
Finishing touches are pretty simple – wait until the cards are dry! This should only take an hour or so but I’d give yourself a few days of doing bits at a time if you have lots to do!

And there you have it! Not so much a tutorial as it doesn’t take much explaining, I’ve done this to assist a bit with the tools and craft bits I use in order to make my footprint cards. When I first saw these online, they came with no instructions and I had to find all of the resources myself.

Why not try using your child’s footprints on a canvas to make a ‘one foot tall christmas tree’? I get my canvas’ from The Works and they cost no more than £2!



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