Crafty Mums – the Essentials!

As a Mum that is known for being crafty and will try her hand at almost everything, I’ve decided to share the secrets of not only some of the most popular makes out there, but what a Mum like me keeps in her cupboards!
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Footprint christmas cards.



– Coloured card (I purchase mine from eBay seller ‘craftycello’ and they come with envelopes – get the size depending on your child’s foot, my son was an infant size 7 and the card is A6)
– Googley eyes (Hobbycraft)
– Glitter glue (99p store)
– Tesco loves Baby sponge
DECENT acrylic paint (cheap paint wont be as solid in print) – the colours I have used are burnt sienna, emerald green, titanium white, ivory black, cadmium red hue and cadmium orange hue.

I think the steps themselves are pretty self explanatory – it’s the skill of getting a baby or toddler to tolerate printing several (in my case, 60) footprints.
TIP: wait until they nap! It is so much easier than trying to contend with paint and a wriggler.
Use the sponge to apply the paint to their feet, you’ll get a more even spread and a better end result.
Finishing touches are pretty simple – wait until the cards are dry! This should only take an hour or so but I’d give yourself a few days of doing bits at a time if you have lots to do!

And there you have it! Not so much a tutorial as it doesn’t take much explaining, I’ve done this to assist a bit with the tools and craft bits I use in order to make my footprint cards. When I first saw these online, they came with no instructions and I had to find all of the resources myself.

Why not try using your child’s footprints on a canvas to make a ‘one foot tall christmas tree’? I get my canvas’ from The Works and they cost no more than £2!